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A brief history

Analytics systems, widely adopted across the internet, have raised significant privacy concerns due to their intrusiveness and practices of selling user data.

These tools are capable of tracking users’ activities across multiple websites, compiling detailed profiles that encompass personal interests, habits, and potentially sensitive information.

Such depth of data collection not only infringes on individual privacy but also poses risks when this information is sold to third parties or used for targeted advertising.

The commercialization of user data highlights a pressing issue: the exploitation of personal information without explicit consent, sparking a debate on the ethics of digital surveillance and the need for more stringent regulations to protect user privacy in the digital landscape.

Why is Progressively different?

Progressively is pioneering a shift towards privacy-friendly analytics by implementing a method that stores only a hash of a combination of the IP address and user agent to identify a machine, without the capability to retrieve any private or sensitive data.

This innovative approach ensures that while websites can still gather insights about visitor behavior and preferences, the data collected is anonymized, effectively safeguarding user privacy.

By using hashing, Progressively creates a unique identifier that cannot be reversed-engineered, thus preventing the potential misuse of personal information.

This method represents a significant step forward in the analytics domain, offering website owners the ability to understand their audience without compromising the privacy of their visitors, aligning with growing demands for digital tools that respect user confidentiality.