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Deploy with Docker compose

Docker Compose


  • A machine on which you can host the service
  • Docker & Docker compose installed on the machine
  • Git installed on the machine


Terminal window
$ git clone
$ cd progressively
$ cp ./packages/database/.env.example ./packages/database/.env # modify the .env file with the connection string to postgres
$ cp ./websites/backend/.env.example ./websites/backend/.env
$ cp ./websites/frontend/.env.example ./websites/frontend/.env

At this point, you should modify the ./websites/backend/.env and ./websites/frontend/.env with your own defaults. You don’t need to modify the database connection string for Postgres and Redis, the compose file takes care of that.

Then, run the following command:

Terminal window
$ docker-compose up -d # or docker compose up -d

Make sure the port 3000 is exposed (on the hosting machine) to the outside and reach /welcome to setup your admin account.