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Feature flags

  • Single variant feature flag (e.g: true or false)
  • Multi variants feature flags (e.g: Control, A, B, you name it)
  • Flag activation based on date & time (before the, after the, always)
  • Progressively rollout (from 0% to 100% of the target audience)
  • Attribute based targeting (you provide a couple fields/value and can restrict flag evaluation for these couples)
  • Webhooks triggering on flag toggle
  • Insights on variants evaluated by your audience over time
  • Real time update with websockets (opt-in) in the JS sdk
  • SSR SDK for frameworks like Remix, Nextjs etc…



  • Page views count
  • Unique visitors count
  • Bounce rate
  • Page views per browser
  • Page views per OS
  • Page views per viewport
  • Page views per refer(r)er
  • Page views per URL
  • Compare the previous period to the current one to get percentage of evolution


  • (In progress) Most clicked spots on the page


  • Configure a funnel with feature flags + variants and Page Views + URL
  • (In progress) Find an optimized way to retrieve the funnel data with clickhouse

Error and exception


Screen recording